How To Building A Kitchen Cabinet - Woodworking cabinets plan

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How to construct a woodworking cabinets.
Do it yourself, the following bricolage project we are going to realize the construction of a child, kitchen furniture, for which we will use boards / badges of 18 mm melamina, of the color that more we like, and combine with the decoration of our kitchen.
The global measurements for the construction, of the kitchen furniture, are detailed in the following diagram / plane. HacĂ­ also is charted the disposition of the pieces of the board / badge of flat melamina.El it will serve to us as guide to the moment, of assembling the kitchen furniture.Y like that to be able to see like this one constructed the structure of the furniture of melamina, for our kitchen.
Which ones will be the sides or wings of the kitchen furniture. These two boards have one I reduce in the back of one of the singings (how it shows the image), which will allow us to be able to fix endorsing of the furniture. And the fund wall is not observed and better set stays in its interior when we open the doors woodworking cabinets.
Although often disidimos not to put endorsing of the furniture since we can have a quite identical wall, and in good conditions or perhaps we find it installed / plating with ceramics in these cases I believe, that it is not necessary to put to endorse / rear woodworking cabinets.
The measurements of the pieces "C" of the board / badge of melamina are them siguientes:nesecitáremos: (2) pieces of board / badge of melamina 870 mm long for 550 mm wide.
The following image shows us: why? we realize woodworking cabinets one I reduce in the singing of the board or of a piece of melamina. Which will serve to us to be already able to fix is a fund or to endorse for a furniture.
The furniture has better finished, since there is not evident the piece that we have fixed or screwed. We choose many for fixing a fund or endorsing without doing one I reduce, why it is more rapid and we save ourselves the time to do the work for the rebajo.
The measurement to do the rebajo is 4 mm deep, that is the thickness of the board of mdf, or any other board that we want to use (triplay, nordex, fibro easily, fibraplac, trupan etc.). And 9 mm breadth woodworking cabinets. 
Another alternative is to do a groove in which we will not fix if we will not insert the 4 mm decorative mdf in the groove.
Process of construction of the kitchen furniture.
After having all the cut pieces, with the measurements needed for our project of bricolage kitchen furniture. We proceed to the furniture construction woodworking cabinets.
Since we the same are going to construct the furniture, we have always to of cersiorarnos of counting all the melamina pieces with the measurement indicated in our plane / diagram to have no problems at the moment of beginning to do the construction of the kitchen furniture.
The first thing that we must realize for the construction there is the tracing, where we will place the pieces of the board / badge of melamina. For it we help ourselves with a square or a rule T and a pencil woodworking cabinets.


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